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Scalable and flexible, high-performance rating engines. Rating is based on various parameters such as peak & off-peak hours, time and day, special days & holidays. Discounting is based on volume of traffic through a particular trunk/route or to a particular destination or to/from a particular carrier. The Interconnect Billing Engine normalizes the Call Detail Records (CDRs) to fit the reference set-up and business needs. Records are classified in an early stage and further processing and rating is unique per class. The fully configurable reference setup and agreements determine the correct price information and charges are calculated.


National Service Providers & Tier-1 operators such as BSNL has been using SRIT's RConnect Interconnect Billing System (ICB) since the year 2005. The system addresses subscriber base of more than a 100 million subscribers across four zones. Tier-2 operators such as Essar-Loop Telecom has been using the system since the year 2004. The system addresses subscriber base of more than 20 million.

“BSNL”, India’s national telecom service provider with more than 500million subscribers states the following in their testimonial dated 10th September 2013 : “SRIT’s Interconnect Billing System (ICB) is in use at BSNL since the year 2005. Since then, SRIT has continued to maintain the system for BSNL. Since then, SRIT has also participated every expansion project of BSNL and they have grown their licences with every expansion order. We believe, SRIT’s ICB system is a tried, tested & proven system for tier-1 telecom service providers such as BSNL. At BSNL, SRIT’s ICB system is operational in all the four zones. BSNL’s traffic volume on ICB has been huge…“

Loop Mobile has been using SRIT's RConnect ICB. The system addresses in excess of 10 million subscribers. Loop Mobile has several firsts to its credit in the value-added services (VAS) space which are technologically state-of-art and yet customer friendly. It has been the first operator in the country to launch GPRS, Caller Tunes, Intelligent Network for Prepaid, Roaming on Prepaid, Missed Call alert etc.




Telecom billing systems have undergone a seismic shift from being a cumbersome back office system to a flexible system that ensures accurate billing and helps in boosting revenue streams for the high-growth telecommunication industry. For service providers, bills are of the top-most priority for revenue objectives. For customers, they form one of the prime bases for the evaluation of service level expectations. These continuous changes need to be well supported by a flexible system that ensures accurate billing and helps in boosting revenue streams.

SRIT is into solutions delivery for the following industry verticals:

Healthcare Enterprises: Starting from the year 2002, SRIT has implemented 36 hospital sites across eleven countries including North America. Implementations include Clinical, Radiological & Medical Imaging Solution, and Hospital ERP in the form of an end-to-end HIS, RIS & PACS solution.
Governmental Enterprises: SRIT has implemented 11 enterprise-class solutions for Central Governmental & State Governmental Enterprises and public sector enterprises. These include mission-mode projects such as eDistrict (currently rolling-out 30 districts in Orissa), Police Automation System, Agricultural Dept automation, Quarantine Information Mgt, One-day-governance system, eOffice roll-outs, end-to-end enterprise eGovernance for public sector organizations such as NMDC, TWAD, and ICFRE; Managed Service Provider for Operational Mgt, Business & Revenue Mgt, and Network Mgt for GoI RailTel’s RailWire services.
Telecoms Service Providers: SRIT has implemented projects for InterConnect Billing(ICB). This is to do with Inter-Operator Connect, Inter-Operator Roaming Agreements, Inter-Operator Tariffing, Rating, Billing, Customer-Care, Inter-Operator Administration, Accounting, Reconciliation & Settlements. SRIT has also implemented BSS & OSS solution for wired & unwired Internet Service Providers. SRIT works with about 60 service providers.

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